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I found this whilst looking through etsy, it’s the work of cambridge illustrator Heidi Burton


I found this picture while checking out flickr this morning – gorgeous flower sushi from Katsura on flickr



Where have I been?! I don’t know, working away on doodle bread orders and the build up to christmas, so I found this fishing about on Flickr and thought that it was appropriate lol  – from h_aroo

I need to get back into this.. it’s so much fun looking for doodles online 🙂 Here is an embroidery made from a doodle by legendary outsider musician Daniel Johnstone


via myloveforyou

I got a link through an e-newsletter this morning about local innovative companies and just saw these guys have won a local award.. Wow! A textile designer and an architect have come up with a way to create a cross between tapestry and concrete panels for use in interiors and maybe exteriors too? .. I love it. Gorgeous. Really really beautiful stuff, and to be honest, not something that I’m used to seeing from a local northern irish company.