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Red miso in the red dough to give it the colour and flavour, and a bit of tomato to help with colour too 🙂


To celebrate the world cup starting on Friday we’ve been baking World Cup Doodle Bread, first up SOUTH AFRICA DOODLE BREAD  🙂

Maisie is the daughter of a good friend of mine, and before christmas, Maisie and I had the opportunity to get to make doodlebread together and here’s a wee photo diary of how we got on 🙂 

Here’s maisie, wondering when we’re going to start baking and stop taking photos..

Maisie’s a big girl and doesn’t need anyone’s help opening the packets!


Maisie’s added all the water, and is stirring up the dough..

The dough is getting good and kneaded..

We’ve squished all our dough down into the tin


Now to get cleaned up!

While we’re waiting for the dough to proof, Maisie makes a start colouring in her doodle bread box.. 

We plopped out the doodle before maisie went to bed, and I popped it in the oven. In the morning, we all had fresh Doodle Bread for breakfast!

Maisie has been asking for weeks now when she is going to be on the doodlebread blog, and hopefully she’ll enjoy the photos! Has anyone reading the blog got any photos of making doodle bread? Would you like to share them? Because we’d love to see them! We have some goodies to give away for any that appear on the doodle bread blog, so if you’d like to appear here please Email Us at 



Hey, we just wanted to let everyone know if you want to order a Doodle Bread Kit in time for christmas, for domestic postage in the UK we need your order before Monday 21st December.. 

Unfortunately we can no longer guarantee international orders that are made from today will arrive before christmas.

Any questions, please E-mail Me!

Happy Christmas!

We’ve had a request for more recipes for the doodle bread kit, and I thought I’d add some previous posts we’ve had with recipes for Doodle Bread (Sorry the blog has been slow; I’ve been busy doing up orders… )  Here are some links to them now..

This is the most basic recipe and first post on baking with your doodle bread kit 

Here’s a recipe for a yum choco and vanilla star loaf  

And here is my favourite so far, a parmesan and rosemary loaf 

There’ll be more recipes over christmas and also, I’d love to see your snaps if you can send them in 🙂

If you’re reading this and you happen to have the Daily Telegraph magazine (UK) from this Saturday, flip through to page 23! There we are! Yo! It’s been order-ama over the weekend but we’re loving the response that we’ve got and we’ve been getting all the orders ready for posting!

via apartment therapy

Someone decided to remake the classically designed Miles Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona day bed.. in chocolate cake! Yumm..

Marie Taylor! Congratulations Marie 🙂

This is our third Doodle Bread give-away and you probably know the drill by now!  Up until halloween, we’ll be posting halloweeny doodle bread loaves every few days and for your chance to win a doodle bread kit, all we want you to do is Email us and tell us what is Halloweeny about this doodle bread?

We’ll pick the first winner by 12 noon GMT on Thursday 29th October 2009 (using a random number generator) … And like before, we’ve got more kits to give away up to Halloween so keep checking back for more Halloween doodly fun…!