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blog_240609_aWalking along the centre of town yesterday, I saw this mannequin of a ten year old boy with the hair of a 72 year old woman on backwards which made me chuckle. Who knows, maybe it’s a trend that I’ve missed 🙂


I’ve been lucky enough to have a local paper want to run a feature on Doodle Bread, and consequently me, and they’ve asked, since the deadline is tomorrow, for me to send them a picture. Of me. So I got up this morning and asked Ronan to take a photo that looked sensible but not too serious. About 25 shots of me later with eyes half closed, mid blink, double chins, weird expressions (you know that emo pose, where you stretch your neck, look up and pout at the same time which you think will look great, but which unfortunately when you get the pictures on the computer you just look nutty?)  this is the best shot we’ve got. At least I’m smiling and my eyes are kind of looking in the right direction. I hate getting my photo taken LOL.


the kitchen has been getting a once over today so I’ve been listening to some tunes..

Tom Waits – Raindog
Handsome Family – Honey Moon
Handsome Family – Through the trees

blog_080709_eIt’s a post war early 1950’s 35mm camera that I got from a lovely old man on freecycle – yo! I’m hoping that if I get the chance I can maybe take some great photos with it.. and even if I can’t it still looks great

I found this through today; a designer who is selling everything she owns so that she can move to the poorest county in the U.S. and take part in a regeneration programme for the community… check it out! It’s a great story..


here’s a quick reminder of what doodlebread is 🙂

I found this blog called robbing peter, and in particular a post about some slow cooked pork where the photography of the finished dish looked unbelievably good for a mum who is a cook on a budget, just sharing her ideas. Any kind of cheap cuts of meat which are braised slowly to perfection always makes me think of my 94 year old grandmother who, until about two years ago before her eyesight started to fail, would cook these beautifully made stews and broths and share stories of having to braise and eat pigs trotters and heads, which tasted great, when she was younger (and even squirrels during WWII :O)


Someone just ordered the first doodle bread kit! So so exciting.. I can’t mention names to say thanks, obviously, but thank you thank you thank you..


As I was walking along the shoreline this morning I came upon some rocks covered in Dulse Seaweed – Dulse is found in the north atlantic, is Purple-red in colour and has a weird salty spicey tang to it when dry, and the consistency of thin leather (When I was a kid we’d buy bags of it and I’d spend ages chewing and sucking the odd looking odd tasting leaves while watching telly – better for you than sweeties I suppose, still probably weird for an 8 year old) Anyway, this morning I found rocks with fresh Dulse on them, still wet from the tide.. I mean, I, being a fan of all things savoury, think that Seaweed Heart Bread might be pretty good and have chalked it up on my ‘Doodle Bread – To Do’ list…

doodle bread with redstarsThe doodle bread site is ready to launch very very soon, just ironing out some bugs but it’s pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to getting more recipes up here anyway – tom ‘heart’ o bread anyone? Not sure what I’m talking about? well, you will soon…