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As of today the Doodle Bread blog will be moving over to just so everything’s under the one roof. There’ll be more bread recipes, photos and even some new how-to videos so stay tuned!


I found this on buzzfeed this morning.. The Monster Engine, a book and art exhibit created by Dave Devries, adds a professional touch to children’s drawings. This artist takes children’s sketches and adds adult painting effects to give the sketches an amazingly crazed but dementedly cute dimension… they’re cool!


pretty barcode designs via the dieline

With ground shrimp in the rice and fish paste for the hair, it’s the obama sushi roll! found here

Here’s an animation about food, that’s not food.. it was in Time’s top ten viral videos and is by a digital artist called ‘PES’ – check out more of his stuff here

I need to get back into this.. it’s so much fun looking for doodles online 🙂 Here is an embroidery made from a doodle by legendary outsider musician Daniel Johnstone


via myloveforyou

I wasn’t joking, halloween is indeed my favourite holiday, and here’s the proof! In case you’re not sure who we’re supposed to be, here is me dressed up as my favourite surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, and ronan decided to dress up as 80’s arcade game PONG (squint your eyes! lol – there was lots of “umm.. who are you supposed to be?” But isn’t that the point of halloween?! It is for us, dressing up in costumes that you have to spend ten minutes explaining.. still, we had a great time!


I got a link through an e-newsletter this morning about local innovative companies and just saw these guys have won a local award.. Wow! A textile designer and an architect have come up with a way to create a cross between tapestry and concrete panels for use in interiors and maybe exteriors too? .. I love it. Gorgeous. Really really beautiful stuff, and to be honest, not something that I’m used to seeing from a local northern irish company.

Found this cool doodle on Uberkraaft’s flickr via super duper

via doodlers anonymous