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Maisie is the daughter of a good friend of mine, and before christmas, Maisie and I had the opportunity to get to make doodlebread together and here’s a wee photo diary of how we got on 🙂 

Here’s maisie, wondering when we’re going to start baking and stop taking photos..

Maisie’s a big girl and doesn’t need anyone’s help opening the packets!


Maisie’s added all the water, and is stirring up the dough..

The dough is getting good and kneaded..

We’ve squished all our dough down into the tin


Now to get cleaned up!

While we’re waiting for the dough to proof, Maisie makes a start colouring in her doodle bread box.. 

We plopped out the doodle before maisie went to bed, and I popped it in the oven. In the morning, we all had fresh Doodle Bread for breakfast!

Maisie has been asking for weeks now when she is going to be on the doodlebread blog, and hopefully she’ll enjoy the photos! Has anyone reading the blog got any photos of making doodle bread? Would you like to share them? Because we’d love to see them! We have some goodies to give away for any that appear on the doodle bread blog, so if you’d like to appear here please Email Us at 





This is a recipe for a loaf we’ve been making for the farmers market in Belfast, and has been going down a storm with mostly kids! It’s a chocolate loaf with a vanilla star in the centre. The bread is great to eat with jam, peanut butter, nutella and is great for a treat.

First of all, you need the doodle bread kit some oil, and some extra flour for dusting.


For the chocolate dough – 

335g or 1 1/2 cups of Strong White Bread Flour

20g or 1 tablespoon Sugar

20g or  1 tablespoon Good Quality Cocoa Powder

5g or 1 teaspoon Dried Yeast

pinch of Salt

Dribble of oil or a knob of butter

210ml or about 7 fluid ounces of Warm Water

For the Vanilla Dough

80g or 1/2 cup of Strong White Bread Dough

5g or a teaspoon Dried Yeast

pinch of  Sugar

pinch of Salt

2g (approx) vanilla seeds or vanilla extract

60ml or 2 fluid ounces Warm Water 

Ok, first things first. Make up the chocolate dough by adding the dry ingredients together first, then a dribble of oil and then the water. mix together with your hands or a spoon until you get a ball of dough, put it out onto the table and then knead the dough.

Repeat this with the vanilla dough. For a few more doodle bread pointers in case you aren’t sure by now click here :)

The loaf needs to be left to prove for roughly an hour and at that time, take the doodle out and bake your loaf in a pre-heated oven at 220 c or gas mark 7 or 425 farenheit.

Once the loaf is baked, tap the top and you should hear a hollow noise. Let the loaf cool a bit before slicing!


seeing as the american flag bread went pretty well, I’ve been doing some experimenting with my doodle bread kit to try out some letters! I made a white dough and a beetroot red dough to make the letters.. the loaf is proofing as we speak so who knows how it will turn out lol but fingers crossed!

This was a total experiment but thought i’d give it a whirl anyway before a market today.. American Flag loaf made with Blueberry and Rasperry loaf 🙂 Thoughts? Do you like it?


I’ve been rubbish at posting on the blog for the past week, for which i feel pretty guilty. My excuse is fairly reasonable i think though – This weekend past we’ve been really busy (that is, ronan and I) baking doodle loaves and taking the kits to the local food market called St. Georges in the centre of Belfast – at like 5AM in the morning… fairly hard going to get up at that time (well, for me it is) but it was well worth it. Here’s the pictures of the stall.. and some of the bread..blog_030609_bblog_300609_a

Here’s a shot of the little production line we got going on the night before the market…


And finally, a shot of both of us after we sold out! Which was great 😀



Ok so not perfect but this is doodle bread, right? The bread was good but what I would say is that no one could taste the orange – next time, I’l definitely be using a load of orange zest to really make the flavour punch – but i’m quite impressed with this loaf 🙂 What do you think?


More photos – before the baking… The finished loaf is coming up..

orange slice

this isn't the bread btw, just to show you what we're aiming for lol

So I finally got to work on the orange slice loaf – the kiwi loaf seemed to stir up quite a bit of interest and so I thought this might be a nice complimentary loaf – (and healthy too!)

I used a circle doodle to keep the shape in order and my doodle tin from the doodle bread kit – (have you got yours yet? lol).

The bread was made with standard white dough and some bread dough made with pure orange and mango juice, and a sprinkle of pure beetroot powder for colour – here’s the recipe –

For the white bread mix

315 g  or 1 and 1/3 cups or 11 ounces Strong Bread Flour

2.5 g or 1/2 teaspoon salt

2.5 g or 1/2 teaspoon sugar

5 g or 1 heaped teaspoon dried yeast

about 1 dessert spoon of vegetable oil, or a knob of butter

about 200ml of warm water

and for the orange juice dough –

90 g or (just under) 1/2 cup or 3 1/2 ounces Strong Bread Flour

pinch of Pure Beetroot Powder (which can be hard to find – instead a good dose of grated orange zest might work? not sure, i’ll think of an alternative..)

2.5 g or half teaspoon of dry yeast

pinch of salt

pinch of sugar

dribble of vegetable oil or a wee knob of butter

roughly 80ml of Orange Juice or Orange and Mango Juice

So, the first step is to mix your dry ingredients for the white dough, add the oil/butter and water, and mix together until you get the dough. Now turn out onto a floured surface and knead. Repeat this for the orange juice dough.

Chop about a third off the orange juice dough and set aside. Roll the rest of the orange juice dough into a really long sausage. Now take a rolling pin, and a lump of white dough (about as big as a golf ball) and roll it into a really long strip the same length as your OJ dough. Wrap the white dough around the OJ sausage. Chop the big sausage into 5,6 or 7 smaller equal sausages – about 10cm in length. Flatten the sausages at one end, so they look like orange segments –  and put them together in a circle with the flatter sides of the sausage pointing towards the centre. This makes one big sausage – the pictures hopefully illustrate this better and make sense. It should look like orange segments when you cut into an orange!

Now, take your last piece of OJ dough, and roll it out to cover your big orange segments – wrap it around the segments. Take your circle doodle that has been oiled, place it into the doodle tin and drop your big segment into the centre. Now put the rest of the white dough between the doodle and tin. Leave the whole thing to prove (double in size) and then take your doodle out using the squisher.

Bake in a hot oven for 25 – 35 minutes and let it cool before slicing… more photos of the finished loaf to come!




Here’s the finished loaf in all it’s glory. Well, that’s the thing about the chocolate, I have to say I much prefer the bright colours of fruit and vegetables to the brown sticky chocolate. The sourdough tastes delicious and the bubbliness of the loaf is really good – see the bottom picture for how it looks. Also, the taste of the chocolate hearts are way too rich for me.. though most people love sweet sweet stuff. I kind of feel a bit sore that I didn’t make tom ‘heart’ o bread (with tomatoes!) instead but then, I will next time!


I was doing a little market fair last week with my purple beetroot and green spinach star doodle loaves and making the dough during a demonstration when two women came up to me to berate me for the vegetable flavours. “Can you not put some chocolate or somethin in them? I hate beetroot.” So, even though the point of doodle bread was to use healthier ingredients instead of the normal sugary stuff, I thought I’d give the choco stuff a go, even if only to satisfy my own curiosity.

I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter for about a week or so and thought it was time to give it a try, so I separated off about a quarter of the starter into another bowl (this is the choco doodle dough bit) added about two cups of bread flour to the bigger portion of starter to make the white dough, then a big lump of nutella into the smaller portion and about a cup of bread  flour to make the choco dough.

Once I had the doughs in a workable ball, I gave each of the dough balls a good knead – check out this video for some kneading tips oiled my doodle, and squished the dough into place using my squisher. Then everything was left to rise for about an hour or so this time – for some reason, the sourdough rose at a slower pace than the normal dough I make. The oven was heated to about 220 c and I baked it for 25 mins.. more photos to follow in the next post about how the bread turned out!