I haven’t been on the computer for the past week very much, because we were asked by a TV show in the UK (I won’t tell you which one) to make a loaf of Doodle Bread with a celebrity’s face on each slice. Well, I thought, yeah! What a great bit of publicity.. why not. So, I spent the best part of 3 DAYS practising recipes, testing doughs, making test loaves, until eventually I got this one made – a nice cocoa loaf –  ready to ship off fresh to the show. (Apologies for the not great photography, it was 7am on a sunday morning after no sleep and I just wanted to get back to bed once the loaf had been sent!)

So the day of the show, I’m too nervous to watch it myself and ask my sister and husband to watch it instead for me.. 15 minutes go by.. nothing.. 30 minutes go by .. still nothing..

They didn’t show the loaf. I’ve no idea why. What a shame. Maybe the loaf smelt so good they ended up eating it instead 😦

Still, I can share the pictures on the blog, so maybe not so bad.