I was doing a little market fair last week with my purple beetroot and green spinach star doodle loaves and making the dough during a demonstration when two women came up to me to berate me for the vegetable flavours. “Can you not put some chocolate or somethin in them? I hate beetroot.” So, even though the point of doodle bread was to use healthier ingredients instead of the normal sugary stuff, I thought I’d give the choco stuff a go, even if only to satisfy my own curiosity.

I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter for about a week or so and thought it was time to give it a try, so I separated off about a quarter of the starter into another bowl (this is the choco doodle dough bit) added about two cups of bread flour to the bigger portion of starter to make the white dough, then a big lump of nutella into the smaller portion and about a cup of bread  flour to make the choco dough.

Once I had the doughs in a workable ball, I gave each of the dough balls a good knead – check out this video for some kneading tips oiled my doodle, and squished the dough into place using my squisher. Then everything was left to rise for about an hour or so this time – for some reason, the sourdough rose at a slower pace than the normal dough I make. The oven was heated to about 220 c and I baked it for 25 mins.. more photos to follow in the next post about how the bread turned out!