I was giving doodle bread demonstrations on Monday and afterwards, packed away some left over unbaked dough, only to find a dough explosion after it proofed open the lid of the container it was in yesterday LOL. So, instead of throwing it out I thought I’d try something. We were having a bbq in the back garden last night, and after the food had cooked, I wrapped the left over doodle dough (which I’d kneaded together) in alot of foil, dashed over some olive oil and sea salt and let it bake in the embers of the bbq while we ate our meal. It tasted tangy because it had been proofing for a day, had the air knocked out, and proofed again which made it taste a little sourdough-y (though I know sourdough purists would call me blasphemous for even suggesting that, but that’s what it tasted like to me!) and was a bit burnt on the bottom but was still overall not bad for  impromptu fresh bread.. lovely and marbled with spinach green and white on the inside. It was turned into a nice cob sandwich today.blog_030609_a