Ok here’s the first part to the long anticipated (ahem) smoothie doodle bread recipe. I’ll start with the ingredients  –

white dough mix

315g / 1 and 1/3 cups / 11 ounces strong white bread flour

heaped teaspoon of dry yeast (or lump of fresh yeast if you’re lucky enough to have it)

big pinch of salt and sugar

big dribble of oil or big knob of butter

approx 215 ml or a little less than 1/2 pint of warm water

red dough mix –

95g / 1/2 cup /   3 1/2 ounces strong white bread flour

smaller pinch of sugar and salt

smaller dribble of oil or knob of butter

approx 100ml or 3 fluid ounces of smoothie – I’ve used raspberry, boysenberry and blackberry smoothie but just choose whatever colour or flavour you want.

Here’s the hardware – bowl, spoon, hands, rolling pin, and your doodle bread kit.

Ok, first things first. Make up the white dough by adding the dry ingredients together first, then a dribble of oil and then the water. mix together with your hands or a spoon until you get a ball of dough, put it out onto the table and then knead the dough. Try and take a photo making sure to cover your camera in as much flour as possible :S

Add the dry ingredients for the red dough mix into the bowl, then add your oil and pour in the smoothie. Again, mix together either with your hands or a spoon until your ball of dough forms, turn onto the table and then knead the dough as well.

For how doodle bread works in case you aren’t sure by now click here 🙂

I’ve cheated here a bit and used a doodle that isn’t available yet on the doodle bread site – we’ve got stars at the minute – here I’ve used the circle doodle but only because I messed up the proportions to use the star doodle!

This loaf has some serious personality because I’ve given it a smiley face 😀 It looks complicated but it’s not really.

First of all, take a little lump about the size of a golf ball of the white dough, and using a rolling pin, roll it out into a long oblong shape. Take a dollop of red dough and roll into a thin sausage and place down the middle of the white oblong. Roll up the oblong so that it looks like one big long sausage with red in the middle and white around the outside. Cut the long sausage in half, and lets call these the eye sausages (sounds mental I know but stick with it!) and create a smile by rolling out another little ball of white dough the same length as the previous little sausage. Put a lump of red dough down the middle of the smile, and the eye sausages on the other side. Roll out the remainder of the red dough, and wrap it round the rest. Now chop off the ends and you should see a smiley face!

If this all a bit complicated leave me a comment and I’ll make a video tutorial!

Pop the white dough into your tin, and the smiley face in the doodle … the loaf is in the oven now! more soon…