I’m totally envious of bloggers who can write fluidly and naturally – I however procrastinate and worry about what to write for about three days before each post LOL so I was thinking that an introduction would help me ease into the blog.

My name is Rose, and I discovered a way to bake doodle bread – loaves with little doodles on each slice – while mitching off classes at Art College where I was studying Design a few years ago. After I graduated, I won a few design awards and have been working on putting the kits together since then.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t be given dolls or teddy bears because they’d have their hair or fur cut off or be taken apart or drawn on before too long because I couldn’t understand what the point of them was. I loved messing about, especially with food, and if you couldn’t ‘do’ something with a toy I wasn’t interested. Well, messing about in the kitchen carried on into my adult life and now I’m hoping to inspire others to mess about in the kitchen too..

I got married last september and live with ronan and our two kittens, sneeze and gypsy 🙂 How’s that for an intro?roso1